Bricks as garden edging

I LOVE the look of bricks in a garden. And the funny thing is that they don’t even have to be perfectly straight, there’s something so very grounding about the colour, and the space of ‘no plants’ between the garden beds and the grassy/mulchy pathways.

Then they can also be edging for a garden bed that’s just a little bit raised, a cow pat pit for making Biodynamic CPP preparation.

The truly adventurous DIY person could make a Pizza oven.

I’ve got an entire Pinterest board with ideas for using bricks in the garden. Oh, if only I could stay here forever and play with concrete mix to build brick sculptures….

I could explore creative solutions for years to come, but alas, I have been given notice to leave my rental home, and must find new homes for all these bricks. There’s at least 1000 bricks, some broken, some clean, and some in funky shapes that look like they belong in a Tetris game. They were rescued from a house being demolished — I felt so lucky the day I saw the post on Facebook marketplace offering these for free.

I don’t need to make money from them — I just need them moved so that I can move house and leave the garden exactly as I found it — a flat lawn with nothing but grass.

The day the bricks were delivered — 2 or 3 loads this size

Want to adopt some?

Send an email at and we can arrange a time for you to come and start your own brick dream.

You can also make a time to come through my Calendar booking system:

I’d love to see these used in gardens or other projects and not end up in landfill.


Ideas for innovative edible gardening solutions using biodynamic methods to make ‘soil with soul’ is what New Zealand needs right now. For tips, advice and online courses go to or get in touch by email at



Compost Consultant based in Tuakau, New Zealand. Using biodynamics to help people make exquisite soil, both at home and at work.

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